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Worth tens of millions of Mercedes off-road to reverse, see before and after parking vehicles startled

2018-04-06 09:36:50

These days Xiaobian received a letter from a car friend, attached with a few very interesting photos, although they are luxury cars, but the scene is a little embarrassing. The following Xiaobian began to say, I hope you can like.


So eye-catching blue tone, needless to say, a look to know is Rolls-Royce, next to the owner is not only large, momentum is not weak, but the eyes have been looking at the front, because there is a Mercedes in reverse, the elder brother is worried about their own car. Brother's eyes are not very friendly, back-up brother, you have to steady.


Take a look at the previous set of photos, you can see that there is a Pagani wind god in front of the Mercedes Benz, a Raslese before, and a Pagani after, which can ignore the grade difference of the car, and the reverse also makes people scared, and everyone is afraid of accidentally hanging to these two ancestors.


As can be seen on the picture, the roadside for many people, are to see the lively, the pressure of the Mercedes-Benz owner is estimated to be not small, and there is a guy directly to take photos. Even tens of millions of luxury car owners, in the face of all this, his psychological pressure is huge.