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What's the finale of Lily Blossom

2018-04-05 19:13:00

The finale of "Blossom, Lily" is as follows: Lily and Dashan are going to participate in the Dongjiazhuang village election campaign, Dashan is dressed in new clothes, and is more nervous than Lily. The final election results, lily was elected without any doubt, lily issued a passionate election speech, said that the village must lead the people to the common road. He Shuying was encouraged to apologize to lily, she felt guilty on stage to lily a deep bow, said these years to do a lot of sorry for her, let her magnmagnity dont care about yourself, lily magnmagnity said he didnt care. When everyone laughed, Wu Pan rushed over and sincerely apologized to lily. Lily took her hand and let the educated youth under the stage go to the stage together, everyone hand in hand said that Dongjiazhuang is the place where these educated youth dreams began, here left their memories of youth, and will make greater contributions here in the future. Wherever they go, this is their root, as Lily wrote to the mountain, the mountain nourishes the lily, and the lily can only bloom more brightly in the mountain. In the 1970s, Lily, who jumps the queue in Dongjiazhuang, encounters a change in mood and is found to be pregnant and bullied by wicked people in the village. Dong Dashan, a mute in the same village, extended a helping hand, silently caring and protecting lily. Lily gave birth to a son, the mother wants her to abandon the son back to the city, she can not give up, hold the son and the mountain married. After the other educated youth returned to the city, she stayed alone and gave birth to a mute daughter with the mountain. To give her daughter a huge debt, she went to work to pay off the road. After paying off the debt, she struggled to start a business, and after ups and downs, finally the "hundred chickens" set by her father were dry. At the same time, with Lily's support and help, the art-loving Oyama succeeds, the rebellious son returns to the classroom, and the beautiful daughter is admitted to a vocational college. Lily returned to Dongjiazhuang, hand in hand with the students who had jumped the queue to build a beautiful countryside. The villagers held a general election and unanimously elected Lily as the village committee. In their second hometown, Lily and Dashan love each other and bloom like flowers.