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What opportunities do college students have to make money? (1)

2018-01-05 16:00:00

College students just entered the school, unfamiliar with the place, but be sure not to let the opportunity to make money slip away from you. Let me, the senior sister, show you the way.


Work-study post: Department/college counselor assistant or student office assistant Time: When the freshman just entered the military training before the middle and after the military training, you will see some brothers and sisters come to perform, or send warmth to know that the New Year's competition will start again. The department/school counselor or the assistant of the student office may be more low-key, just send a public number tweet out. A lot of students didn't see the tweet, so they crossed his shoulder. So take the opportunity to take the initiative to ask the class help when the father and mother, the news of the class help is still very well-informed, if the TA is more satisfied with you, and even put in a few words in front of those assistants.


Community: interested in community time: first year just before the military training, if you have a certain specialty or want to learn the specialty can join the community, but to make money, but also need to judge their ability level; If the ability is OK, in the community, you can find like-minded friends, get ways from friends, and make money together with their strengths. : Street dance club, have the opportunity to go to the commercial performance; Calligraphy clubs, can go to educational institutions to make money..... If the ability is average, you can continue to grow in the community and do related part-time jobs in the future.


This article is based on experience


Part-time job: mobile/business hall/school convenience/canteen dishwasher Time: freshman year just started/after the word to pay attention to the public number waiting for the part-time job in the school generally will not cheat, relatively speaking, the contact of people are relatively simple, the work is relatively easy, so you can try oh. If you do well in the business hall, you can also be a long, know how they operate, help to start a business in the future, and the salary will be relatively high.


Part-time job: Mold booth staff Time: about a month after the freshman year, mold is just the name of our school, which is equivalent to food street. The mold will generally be carried out for 3-5 days, and many booths will need help, because the mold will be crowded especially at night, and the part-time information will be released one or two days before they are carried out. You can pay attention to oh ~


Business: Sell flowers/balloons/dolls Time: Graduation season Take graduation photos That day is the most important time for college, parents will come, friends will come. Some parents and friends come more temporarily and do not prepare gifts in advance. Here's your chance to make some money. You can sell balloons, flowers, dolls at the campus gate or inside the campus, take advantage of this opportunity to make double the price, if you make good use of the circle of friends to promote, then overnight rich is not difficult.


Awards: Scholarships/rainbow cups and other provincial race time: don't underestimate the money of the scholarship every school year, but there are 8,000 so many grand prizes, so the calculation, is it more profitable to learn, but this is to have a certain learning ability. If you have a certain interest in learning, you can participate in related professional competitions to get bonuses.

Matters needing attention

However, the primary task in school is to learn, don't be penny wise and pound foolish, hope to see this article teachers and sisters can enrich themselves in the university.


There are still some opportunities to make money, in a few days to sort out the second post.