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What is the reason why the floor fan does not shake his head? How to solve

2018-05-13 22:24:33

The floor fan does not shake its head may be caused by the following reasons:


1. Switch problem: First check whether the switch of the floor fan is normal. If the switch is in shake head mode, then the fan head should be able to move left and right. Make sure the switch is in the correct position and is not loose or damaged.


2. Fan blade blockage: It is possible that the fan blade is full of dust or other debris, resulting in the fan head can not rotate normally. Try to gently wipe or clean the fan blade. A soft cloth or hair dryer can be used to help remove debris.


3. Loose fan head parts: Check whether the fan head parts are loose or falling off. Sometimes after a period of use, the screws at the fan head joint may become loose. Use a screwdriver or wrench to secure the loose screws.


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