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What is reception in volleyball

2018-05-14 22:24:04

Catch is the catch setter in a volleyball match. The receiving set is the most comprehensive position on the volleyball court, and it must have a certain attacking power and comprehensive technology to make up for the loopholes when the main set has no time to move the pass; Attack, be as sharp as the main attacker; Defense, to form the Great Wall on the net with the auxiliary offensive; Sometimes, you have to play the role of setter. By employing players with comprehensive skills to play catch and set, the team not only provides better protection in the first pass and defense, but also uses skilled skills and a wide range of running ability to increase their offensive power, enrich the entire team's offensive routines, and has a good performance in international competitions. 1. Chen Zhaodi: is the "desperate Sanlang" of the Chinese Women's volleyball team, because she has excellent defense, comprehensive technology, high morale on the field, and can be excluded at key moments. In the final match of the Sino-Japanese women's volleyball team in the 1981 World Cup, Chen Zhao-di collided with Sun Jinfang in the process of grabbing a ball and sprained her waist accidentally in the third set. Despite this, she still insisted on fighting on the court and prevented the opponent's attack again and again. 2, Zhou Suhong: comprehensive skills, although she is not tall, but the acquired aura and efforts to make her grow into a world's top receiver and setter. Her bounce, burst power and quick play have earned her the reputation of "cannon". Reference source: Encyclopaedia - Second pass