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What are the sales channels of handmade hair accessories (how to sell hair accessories)

2018-01-05 00:00:00

Now many people do not wear hair accessories, so the sale of hair accessories has become a matter of concern to everyone, then what are the sales channels of hair accessories, the following and you will be introduced.


Wholesale and export. Hire some workers, mass produce them, and use them for wholesale. If you already have your own shop, and you have import and export rights, you can export abroad after you do it.


Set up a stall. This is the most commonly used way, but I personally feel that the stall is not as good as the open, because after the stall, the exquisite thing can not sell the price, and the operating environment is not good.


On. If you have more money in your hand, or encounter a suitable shop for rent, you can really consider opening a, wind and rain will not hinder our business, and a lot of comfort, after opening, the sale price of hair accessories can also increase a lot.


The lattice shop. Lattice shop cost investment is relatively low, of course, to find a responsible lattice shop, the kind of business is good, so even if you do not earn a lot of money, but there is certainly no problem.


Children's clothing for sale. Now children's hair accessories can still be sold, so we may wish to do some simple, lovely hair accessories, to sell children's clothing, I believe it will sell well.


Net. Network competition is fierce, however, the cost of handmade hair accessories is relatively low, we may wish to sell on the Internet to sell, prepare some materials at home, and then have to buy a do, so that one can enhance the credibility, and even if the network is not done, it does not matter, because there is no much loss, in addition, there is a credit shop in the future, you can also sell other good things.


Do semi-finished product sales. Now people who sell handmade hair accessories often encounter this situation, buy a bunch of materials, spend a lot of money, but can not sell in the hand, then I suggest that you can sell semi-finished products, roses, cut pieces, etc., so that you can reduce the pressure of good business networks and entities, and you can make some money.


Sell by making gifts or giveaways. We can sell them at a low price to shops that are buying gifts or giveaways. In this way, although our profit is relatively low, but through small profits and high sales, we will have good sales.

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