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What are the reliable channels for gold recycling?

2018-01-04 16:00:00

There are many channels for gold recycling that are more reliable, such as jewelry, small recycling, pawn shops, etc., and even some personal door-to-door recycling channels. However, different channels have advantages and disadvantages, the selling price is also different, I am engaged in professional gold recycling work, the industry also has a certain research, to share with you


Gold jewelry: Most jewelry only recycles their own sold gold jewelry, the way of gold recovery is to add a certain amount of manual fees per gram directly exchanged for new jewelry, the number of doors to support cash is not large. However, the collection process needs to keep the purchase invoice and other documents complete, and some doors may have a certain loss cost.


Pawnshop: There are basically no restrictions on the source of gold (no invoices need to sign the source bill), the gold inspection process is also very professional, but the price of gold recovery is relatively low.


Personal recycling: The source restrictions and price of gold recycling are similar to pawnshops, and the process is simpler and faster. Prices are also opaque and low.


Personal door-to-door recycling: gold recovery will deduct the loss cost, the final price is low, the transaction process is not professional, it is not recommended to choose.


There is no limit to the source of gold, but there is no invoice need to sign a personal home recycling department source list, the price of gold recovery is the same as that of the SSE, and only 1% service fee is charged. In addition, it provides a wonderful benefit, that is, the district can support door-to-door collection, and does not have to brave heavy snow, heavy rain and sun to sell gold. At present, wechat small process directly search "small gold fish collect gold" can be evaluated and placed online, convenient and professional.


Finally, attached to a channel (gold jewelry, pawnshops, personal recycling, personal door-to-door recycling, fish collection gold) gold recovery, on the "source of gold collection, whether it can be realized, gold recovery price, recovery loss costs, service fees, whether to support door-to-door, whether to support mail" and other gold recovery requirements of the comparison chart, after reading the gold recovery related matters at a glance.

Matters needing attention

The recycling prices announced by different channels are also varied, do not choose which channel can not only listen to the quotation, hidden loss costs and other additional deductions must be asked clearly, and finally choose according to the quotation. Of course, if you have doubts about the price, you can go online in advance to see the gold price of the day or directly view the real-time gold price through the fish collection gold (docking the real-time gold price of the gold exchange), so that you have a good idea.