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What are the differences in decoration contracting? (Full package, half package, clear package)

2018-01-05 09:36:00

The form of decoration includes full package, half package and clear package three. For some owners may not know what is half package, what is full package and clear package, but do not know what is included in full package, half package and clear package. What does the decoration half package include? Let's understand what is included in the decoration half package, as well as what is included in the full package and clear package. Sharing experience: Various decoration contracting modes


According to the situation of each individual choice


Certain understanding of decoration industry rules


1, the half package is between the full package and the clean package, referring to the owner's own purchase of main materials, tiles, floors, paint coatings, sanitary ware, lamps, doors and other materials, while the design, accessories are provided by the decoration or construction team. 2. Materials included: The half package of auxiliary materials generally includes sand, cement, red brick, paper gypsum board, socket switch bottom box and panel, Glass film, wood keel, light steel keel, waterproof paint, fireproof paint, anti-rust paint, paint, latex paint, kraft paper, paper tape, glass glue, strong glue, opal glue, cellulose, anti-cracking putty powder, putty powder, large core board, polyurethane board, nine cent board, decorative panel, plywood, PPR water and water accessories. 3, half package is suitable for the decoration of the design of water personalized requirements, there is a certain economic strength of the owners. 1, choose the main part of the initiative, is the so-called "focus". 2, the main building materials to buy their own, whether in security or economic are more assured. 3, by the decoration to help themselves design, so that they do not have to study the design, as long as more understanding of building materials. 4, auxiliary building materials are distributed by the construction team, and a lot of efforts are saved on small things. 1, it still takes a lot of time to go to the building materials market, can not easily decorate. 2, when signing the contract, be sure to clearly indicate what is provided by the decoration, which is purchased by the owner, otherwise it is easy to be decorated in the later period, and make yourself buy everything, very tired and passive.


1, the whole package is also called the package, that is, the procurement and construction of all main materials and auxiliary materials are responsible for the decoration or construction team. 2, including the main material :1) doors and Windows: doors and sets, window sets, wardrobe doors. 2) Cabinet class: cabinet, smoke machine, stove, 3) tile class: wall tile, floor tile, pointing agent, cross card, Yang Angle line, sealant, door stone, countertop, kicker line, floor drain. 4) Floor: floor, kickline, floor partner. 5) Sanitary ware: toilet, hand basin, faucet, water soft, shower, towel rod, bathroom cabinet, bathroom mirror, bathtub, glass glue. 6) Ceiling: buckle plate, edge strip, bath bar (ventilation fan), water heater, figure-eight valve. 7) Lamps: lanterns, ceiling lights, switches, sockets, distribution boxes, leakage protectors. 8) Hardware: curtain rod, cool hanger, shower curtain rod, door lock, hinge, glass. 9) Wall paint: wall paint, roller, brush, wallpaper, paint. 10) Heating and radiators. 3, including auxiliary materials: yellow sand, cement, sand slurry, nails, gypsum board, joinery board, light steel keel, paint brush, etc. 4, all-inclusive suitable for busy work, or do not understand the decoration of the owners. 1, the owner is more worry and labor saving, to do is to timely communicate with the decoration, let the other party understand their intentions, supervise the basic progress and quality of the project. 2, by the decoration design, more professional, the possibility of regret in the future is less. 3, design, construction, material selection are done by the same company, the final effect will be more complete, more unified style. 1, in today's decoration market, decoration and practitioners are mixed, and it is not easy to identify and select. 2, encounter some irregular, the chance of being cheated is great. 3, is in the purchase of building materials, may be decorated holes.


1, the cleaning package refers to the decoration or construction team is only responsible for the actual decoration construction, and the design, material selection, material purchase, acceptance are all completed by the owner. 2, clear package is suitable for the decoration industry is very understanding, have sufficient time and material procurement ability of the owner. At present, most of this decoration method is done by the guerrillas, and the ordinary decoration rarely accepts this kind of work. Because the materials regardless of size should be purchased by the owner, so not only the owner must have a lot of time, but also have a strong professional knowledge background to support, and must have a car for transportation, because only the savvy can choose high-quality products, but the price may not account for, at the same time, although most of the main material sellers are responsible for shipping, but the auxiliary materials can only rely on their own transportation, Plus handling fees, upstairs fees, etc., the price naturally goes up, so it is not recommended.


Iv. Package Mode What is package? Package decoration is the material part, that is, wall tiles, floor tiles, cabinets, sanitary ware, doors and door covers, window covers, wall paint, ceiling and other comprehensive use of brand main materials combined with basic decoration. The calculation method of package decoration: the calculation method of package decoration is to multiply your residential construction area by the package price, and the obtained data is the full payment of the decoration; It includes wall tiles, floor tiles, aluminum fasteners, doors and covers, window covers, cabinets, sanitary ware, and artificial and auxiliary materials. The advantages of package: 1, "package decoration" is about 30% lower than the average purchase price of main materials and zero points. 2. The main brand materials in the package are all purchased directly from each company, total distributor or office. Due to the large amount of procurement, the price we get is also the reserve price. 3, when doing the cost accounting of the package, it is directly calculated according to the reserve price, and the benefits are given to consumers. The disadvantages of the package: 1, most of the package offer only contains the basic process, and the demolition of the wall, making holes, adding the partition wall, doing waterproof and other necessary processes, have to add money; 2, some packages of cabinets, paint-free doors are limited in number, many customers are not enough, and they naturally have to add money;

Matters needing attention

If you need to solve specific problems (especially in the field of law, medicine, etc.), it is recommended that you consult professionals in the relevant field in detail.


Sharing makes life better, I hope some of my life experience can bring you help! If there are any inadequacies in this experience, I hope you will point out that I will correct them in time.