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Understand the "ten fears" of the stomach to protect our "stomach" health!

2018-01-05 03:12:00

You know, the stomach has "ten fears", the bad behavior habits in life and too much pressure will make the stomach very "hurt", now many white-collar women are suffering from stomach disease, stomach pain is exaggerated to take our lives. If you want to have a healthy stomach, you may wish to understand the ten fears of the stomach with Xiaobian, and stay away from bad habits to protect our stomach health.


When a person is nervous, worried, and angry, the bad emotions will spread to the limbic system through the cerebral cortex, affecting the autonomic nervous system, directly leading to gastrointestinal disorders, and the secretion of excessive gastric acid and gastric protein, which causes stomach blood contraction, pyloric spasm, drainage disorders, and damage to the protective layer of gastric mucosa, resulting in self-digestion and the formation of ulcers. Long-term depression, anxiety or mental trauma, prone to canker disease.


Whether it is physical labor or mental labor, if the fatigue is excessive, it will cause insufficient blood supply to the gastrointestinal tract, secretion dysfunction, excessive gastric acid and mucus reduction, so that the mucosa is damaged.


This page is based on experience


Smoking can promote blood contraction of gastric mucosa and reduce prostaglandin synthesis of gastric mucosa, which is a mucosal protective factor. Smoking can also stimulate the secretion of stomach acid and protein, and aggravate the destruction of mucous membranes.


When hunger is uneven, the stomach acid and protein are not neutralized by food, and the concentration is high, which is easy to cause self-digestion of the mucosa. Overeating easily damages the stomach's self-protection mechanism; Excessive expansion of the stomach wall and prolonged retention of food can contribute to gastric damage.


Fear of unclean diet helicobacter pylori infection is one of the important causes of gastric and duodenal ulcer, in the ulcer disease, the detection rate of the bacteria as high as 70% to 90%, and after the ulcer disease cure, the bacteria also disappeared. Ulcer patients can be infected through tableware, dental equipment and kissing and other close contact, unclean food, is also one of the causes of infection.


Coffee and tea are central stimulants, which can lead to gastric mucosa ischemia through reflection, destroy the protective function of gastric mucosa, and contribute to the occurrence of ulcers.


Eight, fear of wolfing food into the stomach, after storage, grinding, digestion, the food into chylous, can be discharged into the intestine. If the chewing is not fine, Wolf down, the food is rough, it will increase the burden of the stomach, residence time, can cause gastric mucosa damage; In addition, eating slowly can increase saliva secretion, and reduce gastric acid and bile secretion, which is conducive to the protection of the stomach.


9. There are three main types of drugs that are easy to damage gastric mucosa for fear of drug abuse: first, acetosalicylic acids, such as aspirin; Second, butazone, indomethacin, ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs; The third is corticosteroids and other hormone drugs. Therefore, the use of these drugs should be avoided as much as possible, if it is necessary to take the drug to control the dosage and course of treatment, it is best to take after meals.


Some people tend to focus on the food nutrition of the day at dinner, or like to eat late at night or eat something before going to bed, so that not only cause sleep is not real, easy to lead to obesity, but also stimulate the gastric mucosa so that gastric acid secretion and induce ulcer formation.


Now there are more and more people with stomach problems, are worrying about stomach pain, but we do not know that these are the causes of stomach problems, see Xiaobian for everyone to organize the stomach "ten fears" after you will do these things again? Don't give up these bad habits and keep the stomach disease away from yourself.