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The way Naruto plays

2018-04-05 16:00:57

This paper introduces rubbing beans, sweeping the floor, combining techniques, etc., and who is good to use


Naruto (Tencent Games)


Those who are suitable for Chakra Ninjas: High Explosion class: Thunder Shadow, Tendo, Ninju Sai Tenxiu Class: God Card, Water Stop can not receive Skills Class: Moustachio can Condition class: Lalu Jiro Fang, Jeju, Tuanzang, etc


Those nasty beans: stop water: stop water first cut down the opponent, when he is empty, put phoenix fairy fire and then second big (safe version) or direct two skills fire bitter in the past moment open big (God version) Xiao snake: snake fast long press and then size beard: Fat man and diving gun moment big long gate: Put the king of hell and then open big weasel God: open two on the pick, a skill fly past the Spring version of Weasel: Same as above, afraid of not even the whole shell must mustat: this is difficult, in the opponent did not meet the eve of the big column between: wooden dragon on the top of the day /a after the wooden people grab will have buckle hit brother spot: a little difficult, that is, the hand of the dragon singing or cyclone again big


Powerful tricks/direct purchase: three ships: Sweeping hundred Hao Sakura: Super displacement plus invincible holding chicken wings Suzuke: very strong, a skill is to grab, no wonder is 298 eagle: combination technology + strong displacement + high outbreak + high fault tolerance God card: I have a bunch of skills and grab, just perfect Angle: Huh, you know what is called water can conduct electricity? Xiao Snake: Labor double catch, and anti-general attack displacement group: get me out you can gross out your opponent filthy soil three generations: old husband a forbidden double a fire dragon a cage to kill you filthy soil four generations: don't say I'm a fancy whistle, you can't touch me the original generation: I stomp my feet can kill you are sure not to consider golden horn silver horn: we are a fancy whistle door Kai: 648 send Ka Kasi hundred machine scorpion: I'm OK. Spring weasel: Slightly! So much space! Swimsuit Xiao Nan: I am the most disgusting Xianming: silly with me are super magical rabbi: bully + full picture run, you don't try? Tiandao: Oh, another rookie is playing me crazy


How to become strong: 1 see the operation of the anchor 2 learn to calculate CD3 krypton gold


Learn this: x axis: you run forward y axis: up to learn to walk y axis


What about a scratching dog? Touch or shield each other


How to get gold: Copy (prerequisite power) Duel Field (have skills) Events (don't be late) Krypton gold (as long as you are happy) Participate in Heaven and Earth battlefield, Peak competition (power demand is too high)

Matters needing attention

My personal opinion,


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