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Ten strong and fearless women in the game

2018-04-06 04:48:57

Women, in the minds of ordinary people, are weak and need to protect the object, especially in the male-dominated game world. However, now there are more and more women "when self-improvement", become a new species of independent and even complete men. Today, Xiaobian will bring you ten famous "tough women" in the game, they are not lost to men in all aspects, and even stronger than them, ordinary men do not want to easily start on them. Do you agree? Let us know by leaving a comment.

Ten strong and fearless women in the game

10, Ellie - "The End of America" this latest game is IGN perfect score, the girl protagonist looks so cute, people almost like to give her a hug. Are you sure? She can easily stack bodies in front of you with bows and arrows and guns and weapons! From the beginning of the game, the 14-year-old began to swear. Along the way, she has to fight zombies, fight bad guys, and fight all kinds of monsters. She proved to the world that such explosive power can be found in such a small body.


9, Moon - "The Elder Scrolls V" Moon's English name is Lioness, that is, the lioness. This game provides a variety of AI companions that can fight with you, although awkward but good performance Lai sister and kindly mage sister and so on. And the most powerful of them all, is Muel. She's the kind of person who yells when fighting, whether it's a necromancer or a dragon. In her heavy armor and heavy tomahawk, she always rushes to the front line to protect you.


8, Lilith - "Borderlands" Lilith can be included in the "most fascinating scary women" list top 10. This redhead looks attractive from a distance, but when it comes to fighting, it's... Ten men couldn't stop her! Not only is she adept with firearms, she's also an expert in elemental weapons. In addition, her invisibility skill is arguably the most useful skill in Borderlands. Solo or in a group, you don't want to be without a girl like that.


7, Tifa - "Final Fantasy 7" She is the real heroine of the seventh generation, and you can see her figure from beginning to end. Strong and gentle personality, calm personality, calm and thoughtful, confident and optimistic, understanding. Even more so when Claude was deliriously poisoned by magic. Although she is one year younger than Claude, her mature style and meticulous care for Claude all the time show that she is the girl who really plays the role of the "sister" in Claude's mother's mouth. She is the quintessential "perfect" heroine.


6, Sheva - "Resident Evil 5" to find a beautiful woman to fight zombies together? She's the right person to call.


5. This beauty ranks fifth


4. Princess Zelda -- The Legend of Zelda/Nintendo Bros. is often kidnapped, but unlike Princess Beach, Princess Zelda is more optimistic and positive. She is energetic and opinionated, and often even helps Link on his journey. Her best moment may be when she makes up as the Sheikh in Ocarina of Time and helps Link on his journey to the mainland. Not to mention the amazing, all-powerful woman from "Nintendo Bros.".


3. Jill -- Resident Evil Series Jill is the most famous female character in the Resident Evil series. She is a member of the elite S.T.A.R.S., a survivor of Wesker's terror. She is very strong from hand-to-hand combat to all kinds of firearms, and the combination of combat ability and biological weapons knowledge is particularly outstanding, and can deal with all kinds of situations. Jill recently appeared in Resident Evil: Revelations, which tells the story of a ship at sea and her struggle with endless loss. Compared to biological weapons, she is the worst enemy.


This information comes from experience


1. Lara Croft -- The first lady of the Tomb Raider game world, Lara Croft is the most famous female game character in the world. The famous archaeologist has been brought back to life in a small way in his latest installment, leaving male fans excited. In the game, Laura can do anything from heaven to earth, pistols, rifles and machine guns make it quite smooth, and bows and arrows are the most handsome weapons. She fought wolves, bears, and even ancient dinosaurs. On top of that, she's got a great body and a great personality, which you don't want to mess with.