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Teach you a few tricks to prevent fraud online

2018-01-04 11:12:00

"Now more and more people are joining the team of overseas shopping, which also proves that everyone's pursuit of genuine goods and reflects the convenience of Internet shopping." Where is full of overseas shopping information, but these goods are also true or false, you will identify? Today's live wireless online shopping is about to share some tips on how to identify fakes.


First of all, we must look at the fake goods, look at the brand, look at the text, look at the logo, look at the anti-counterfeiting code and so on ISO9000 does not refer to a standard, but a group of standards. Its full name is International Organization for Standardization, translated into Chinese is "International Organization for Standardization". At present, the more reliable ISO institutions, mainly have Saixi, Saibao, Huaxia certification, CQC, CQM, ISCCC, and foreign SGS, DNV.


Skill 2, prepare an artifact banknote inspection light, secret where to hide? Now many overseas shopping explosive goods have their own ways to distinguish the true and false. Some of them can find out the mystery by looking at them with a banknote lamp!


Tip 3: Details determine quality, embroidery to be perfect! The reason why many international big names are sought after by the public is not only because they are diaosi to go out, but also because their details are very comfortable and warm. Such as Japan's "tax", while the Chinese only "pull" word, a little more. Wireless online shopping is not cheated, they are all buyers live for us in overseas purchasing site, their buyers have been all over the purchasing countries, as long as you place an order on the platform, you will find a real conscience purchasing, and you can see the buyer looking for products for you in real time, the product is real, the buyer must buy the goods in the country's special or duty-free on-site purchase and live broadcast. Products are completely selected by consumers themselves, so that product quality and product source can be fully guaranteed.


Skill four, online shopping rights to find the boss, we are not afraid of big things! Often walk in the river where there are no wet shoes, the more problems encountered online shopping, the most common is the loss, damage, shortage and other problems occurred in the process of parcel delivery. Under normal circumstances, the result of complaints is: you are anxious, he pushed back, all kinds of excuses to delay time, not to solve. In the end, you gave in and let it go. Do not want to eat dumb loss, Xiaobian teach you a hundred try Baling recipe - take refuge in the National Bureau complaint website!