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Star armor nanospore distribution, where are the nanospore?

2018-01-05 04:48:00

Nanospore is one of the most consumed in the middle and late game, but it is also very fast to brush.


Star Armor 2019.8.13 Update


First, let's look at the official introduction of nanospore: distributed in Saturn, Neptune, Yan and relic.


Saturn, I suggest Saturn survive, Saturn survive is a very hot map, because the level of monsters is relatively low, and is the army of the Croni Empire, monsters are very easy to fight. There are a lot of people in this picture, so you don't need to worry about teammates here.


As for Neptune survival, the team is relatively small, not very easy to find points.


Yan God star monster level is very high, generally only the big boss will come here to fight, the infected body only gas weapons are good to fight, and gas weapons are not a good one.


The last is the relic survival, the relic survival is also very many people play, but do not enter directly, because you can not enter the team halfway after a person enters, you need to find a relic survival team, and then one of the people out of the ticket to enter. But the relic has a lot of 4K teams, you can swipe the 4K card while looking for the nanospore in the map.


Summary: Brush nanospore suggested relic 4K card team, Relic survival team Relic Saturn Survival team.