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Source travel guide

2018-04-05 11:12:37

Say the origin may not be known to many people, but as long as it is introduced, it is the location of Yao Ming and Ye Li's wedding photos, I believe most people can remember. No scenic spot is more fortunate than the source, the international famous stars quietly to take wedding photos, which is equivalent to a free endorsement for the scenic spot, it is through this publicity, the original not famous source scenic area has become a popular tourist spot since then. The day after Yao's wedding photos were taken, reporters from all over the world rushed to the source for publicity reports. Now tourists from the surrounding areas of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui and so on are coming in an endless stream.


The source is located in the province of Tianmu foot of the source town, located in the East Tianmu Mountain natural ecological area, water system main river East Tiaoxi river source, known as "small". Source for the canyon terrain, ten miles long valley Longshu Gorge is the main attraction. In the canyon, the cliffs are Zhi, continuous, tree-lined, Qingxi long song, hanging waterfalls, the original nature is its main features.


Because of the reason of development, the real source is not in the scenic area, people visit only a short section of the downstream, the whole journey is about 2-3 hours enough.


Everyone has to climb the mountain on foot, so this is not a long and not a short journey seems just right, too short to make people feel unsatisfied, too long and will consume physical energy to affect the mood of the tour.


There are many tourists along the way, most of them are group tourists. (If you go by yourself, you can book discounted tickets online.)


The three characters "Dragon beard wall" were written by Mr. Guo Zhongxuan, a famous calligrapher. On the walls of the stone are clumps of bearded grass. Dragon beard grass is a perennial herb, it opens in the early summer of each year, the small white flowers, the leaves can grow to l meters long, like the beard of the dragon, when the mountain wind blows, blowing in the air, very spectacular, "dragon beard wall" is the name. Its toughness is very good, and it can be used to braid ropes, straw shoes, raincoat, and also to weave MATS. This kind of straw mat is soft and cool, comfortable and healthy, in ancient times, only official families have. Unfortunately, few people can make these things up anymore, and it's hard to buy them on the market. Li Bai, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty, wrote in "Baitou Yin", "Don't roll a dragon beard mat, and produce steel wire from the ground." And leave amber pillow, or when there is a dream "poem, the poem" dragon beard mat "refers to the mat woven with dragon beard grass.


Continue to walk and see the "source" stone ---- this word is written by Mr. Shen Dingan, president of Lanting Publishing House.


There is a stream ahead. There were not many streams to go to at that time but the water was very clear


The ancient Buddhist courtyard on the mountain - Longshu Zen Temple "ancient Buddhist courtyard" these three characters are the original abbot of Lingyin Temple Shi Root pen. The abbot of Lingyin Temple inscriptions on the ancient temple here, on the one hand, out of respect for the monks of the ancient temple, on the other hand, in order to promote Buddhist culture. "Ancient Buddha Courtyard" is the name of the local mountain people for this temple, its real name is "Longshu Zen Temple". "Longshu Zen Temple" was first built in the Yuan Dynasty, which was built by Gao Feng Yuan Miao. According to the "Noble Monk Biography" records, Gao Feng Yuan Miao (1238-1295). Wujiang people, when the youth in the temple of Jingci monks, after the source of Longshu Mountain to learn from Xueyan Zuqin study, meditation, is respected as "living Buddha". However, this Buddhist monastery is interesting, there is no courtyard, the Buddhist monastery has no walls, the house is overgrown with grass, the stone does not move the place is covered with moss, no one to move it, like no care, only the log of the brass bell can be seen by the wear.