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Sniper Elite 3 need to pay attention to each level

2018-05-14 01:36:22

Sniper Elite 3 each level has an easy card place, here are the places that need to pay attention to each level.


Sniper Elite 3


1. Do not stand over the powder keg in the first level.


2. The second level of destruction truck must first open the machine on the left of the map to make noise. Then kill the enemy near the truck, and then blow up the truck.


This content has been taken from experience without authorization


4. The fourth level to kill three officers must first use binoculars to lock the target, after the three officers talk, go down from the height, and then follow the target officer, he will go into the house to get the document, he can kill after coming out.


5. In Level 5, the enemy sniper will use a rocket launcher to shoot.


6. The Sixth Tiger is so heavily armored that it takes three mines to destroy it.


7. The seventh level is the number of enemies. Do not use rocket launchers in the task, use sniper weapons, and so the enemy with rocket artillery out, sniper. The artillery with the rocket is in the same position as other enemies, the position is mostly in two aspects, one is below your right, one is in the position of the opposite warehouse, and the enemy will come out on the right side of the warehouse.


8. Do not hit the explosives you put on the mouse at the last level, it is the red interface of the hanging platform on the mouse's head.