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Reveal the motion servo

2018-05-14 00:00:19

Motion servo system, belongs to the category of automatic control, but simple to understand. Simply put, the output can follow the input with a certain degree of accuracy and change the system called servo system, also known as servo system.


A certain cultural foundation


A certain ability to understand


The composition of servo system: 1. Controller 2. Power drive device 3. Feedback device 4. Actuator (mostly electric, etc.)


The function of the controller is to compare, judge, and command. Kind of like a command post, comparing feedback with requests. Determine whether you need more or fewer commands. Finally give the command. Adjust the control amount.


The power drive device, in fact, is to convert the command signal into the execution signal, generally amplified. Power amplifier, play the audio signal out loud.


The feedback device, as mentioned earlier, the servo system can follow a certain precision, and without feedback, the precision of the execution cannot be known, and it cannot be adjusted. Let a person 100 meters, without feedback, there is no way to know how much he actually ran.


The actuator is the executing part of the system, which can be a motor, or a heater, and so on. The actuator corresponds to the output. The actual function of the system is the executive mechanism.

Matters needing attention

Servo system is a huge system, this paper introduces the knowledge from one aspect


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