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Open a new chapter in the cloud era domestic servers promoted to the top three

2018-05-14 06:24:40

In 2013, the domestic server accelerated into the cloud era, to meet the arrival of the third IT information technology revolution, but also indicates a new historical opportunity for traditional server providers. Recently, statistics issued by Zhongguancun Online research show that domestic servers are performing more strongly in the Chinese server market and have been promoted to the top three. At the same time, HP, the traditional international server provider, fell below the top three for the first time. According to the ZDC (Internet Consumption Research) report, the brand attention pattern of China's server market in January 2013 has changed significantly compared with the previous month, and Lenovo ThinkServer has narrowly surpassed HP to rank among the top three. Lenovo ThinkServer RD630S2640 4/300AHROD also entered the top three products list with 3.2% of attention. From the perspective of product characteristics, the attention of rack servers has decreased slightly from the previous month. This change, in fact, is also a good illustration of the current development trend of the entire server market. On the one hand, thanks to continuous innovation technology and Intel's mature industry solutions, there has been a breakthrough in the development of traditional domestic servers in terms of high-quality product design for domestic servers, especially Lenovo ThinkServer, a new generation of server brands. On the other hand, due to the rise and impact of new servers (mainly referring to microservers and AMD Open 3.0 new server modular design products), in terms of product structure types, the proportion of attention to rack servers has declined compared to last month. In January 2013, China's server market brand attention proportion distribution has always been, China's server market by the three giants (IBM, Dell, HP) for a long time to dominate the majority of the river, its mature technical solutions and product processes, in the deployment of data, IDC and other industry room and enterprise information industry solutions, have enjoyed considerable advantages. However, in recent years, domestic server vendors have worked hard, adhere to the technology to create market applications as the guidance, the launch of high-quality server products suitable for industry applications, especially last year, Lenovo launched ThinkServer server brand, won the Shenzhou 9 manned aerospace project and help foreign data, Cirix on-demand IT services and other application platforms. December 2012 - January 2013 China server market brand attention ratio Compared with the specific server brand ranking, this month's server market brand ranking fluctuation is more obvious compared with last month. What is most noteworthy is that the traditional top three HP fell below the top three, replaced by Lenovo ThinkServer, which narrowly surpassed HP by 0.1% and ranked among the top three. In the ranking of other server brands, Inspur and Shuguang replaced Jinpin and Zhengrui respectively, rising one place each. In January this year, Inspur also launched China's first key application host - Inspur Tissot K1 system, further enhancing the influence of domestic servers in the entire market, and launched Inspur server brand attention ranking has been upgraded. Product side: The new server tide is surging in the product side, the traditional rack server structure type products are the most concerned by the market, compared with the tower structure and blade structure type, the rack server attention is as high as 74.4%, and it is the first server structure type. However, compared to the previous month, it dropped 2.3 percentage points. This slight change can be interpreted as the market's expectations for new servers and future deployment applications - especially microservers, which will occupy 10% of the server market in the future, will attract a large number of Web, IDC and other multi-node data industry users. In addition, AMD last month also launched a new server platform Open 3.0 server design specification. It removes unnecessary extraneous components, simplifies server motherboard design, and helps create more efficient data through a new server platform. Among rack servers, 2U rack servers received the most attention at 43.4%, much higher than other structural products. The attention of 4U, 1U, 5U structural servers is between 10% and 20%, and the attention of other structural servers is relatively low (less than 1%). In January 2013, the attention proportion of different structural products in China's server market was distributed in the attention proportion distribution of all server structures, the tower structure was 23.8%, and the blade was only 1.7%. Of course, as the most balanced model of redundancy performance and expansion performance, rack servers can meet the demanding requirements and provide flexible deployment and operation and maintenance in high-end enterprise applications, and their attention has been high. The tower server is the most common kind of server, which has great advantages in scalability and heat dissipation, and can be competent for applications with complete functional requirements. Therefore, its attention and market share are between rack and blade servers. Blade servers are HAHD (High Availability) low-cost server platforms designed for specific industry and degree computing environments. The particularity of its application scenario determines that it can not become the mainstream product form of server. In January 2013, the distribution of attention of different structural servers in the Chinese server market in terms of specific products, this month's server market, Dell PowerEdge 12G R720(Xeon E5-2609) with 6.0% of the attention ratio became the most popular server product. It replaces the IBM System x3650 M4(7915I51) from last month. The IBM System x3650 M4(7915I51) took the runner-up spot this month. In January 2013, Lenovo ThinkServer RD630 S2640 4/300AHROD rose to the third place in China's server market product focus ranking. Readers who have paid attention to this channel must also understand that ThinkServer RD630 is the infrastructure backbone platform that Lenovo launched last year and once helped China's Shenzhou 9 manned aerospace project. Its harsh, rigorous and innovative product design and quality workmanship not only continue the excellent gene of Think, Moreover, it also integrates the advantages of green energy saving, redundancy and reliability, extended intelligence, and easy management under the conditions of today's cloud era, and has a high cost performance that is closer to user needs than the product solutions of international vendors. Epilogue: 2013 has entered the cloud era, at the beginning of the year, domestic servers rose in the market attention ranking, and promoted to the top three for the first time, not only thanks to the mature solutions and innovative product technology of x86 server upstream industry chain represented by Intel, It also reflects the transformation of domestic server providers to market demand-oriented and close to the characteristics of cloud computing environment applications. IT can be predicted that in the third wave of IT technology revolution, there will be more domestic servers in the market.