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Making of beads bracelet: [1] Red agate beads

2018-04-04 22:24:49

Buddha beads are a kind of faith and sustence. Designing the collocation of Buddha beads by oneself is very interesting and has a sense of accomplishment. Although the bracelet is a kind of decoration, it also sustenses the aesthetics and feelings of the owner. I will use the platform of experience to show the Buddhist beads and bracelets I designed last year for the reference of friends who want to make their own. Here is a basic red agate Buddhist beads


  6mm red agate beads, various accessories bead, elastic thread, scissors


There is not a lot of attention to the string, but the Buddha beads are strict requirements, taking this 108 pieces as an example, to be in the 7th, the 21st, the 54th, the 87th, the 101st plus the septon, the number of septs can be 1-3, not included in the total number of 108 pieces.


This red agate Buddha bead is the first one I made, and I have no experience, so I use the four-strand threading method, but fortunately, it uses the relatively cheap transparent elastic line 4mm, so it is relatively flexible. Later, I tried to make it hard enough to stand up, which will be discussed later.


The string method is shown in the diagram below, which is the most detailed step diagram I can find so far


According to this figure and the interval just said, wear the bead after tying the knot, and then hang the small Buddha, because this is to send a girl, there is a folk male wearing Guanyin, female wearing Buddha.


Try it on. My arms are a little thicker, but that's what it means. It can be wrapped around four times.