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2018-04-05 17:36:36

The city is located in the coastal area of the central south of the province, the east of Pearl. Mirs Bay in the east, Pearl in the west, two cities in the north, Hong Kong in the south, and the New Territories of Hong Kong across a river. The city covers an area of 2020 square kilometers, and the special economic zone is a narrow strip of one-sixth of the city, with a total area of 327.5 square kilometers, which is the largest special economic zone outside the province.


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(1) Export products produced by domestic industrial enterprises in the Special Zone with imported raw materials shall be exempt from VAT and consumption tax; Export products produced with domestic raw materials (except for export products restricted by the state) apply zero tax rate, and enterprises can apply for export tax rebates to the tax machine after going through export procedures.


(2) Income from production and business operations and other income of all types of enterprises in the special economic zones shall be taxed at a unified 15% and preferential tax rates.


(3) Production-oriented high-tech enterprises with an operating period of more than 10 years shall be exempted from income tax from the first to the second year of the profit-making year, and the income tax shall be halved from the third to the eighth year. After the expiration of the period of income tax reduction and exemption, where the output value of the export products of the current year reaches more than 70% of the output value of the current year, the enterprise Y income tax shall be paid at the tax rate of 10% after examination and approval by the tax customs.


4, for some software development of high-tech enterprises, enterprise income tax can enjoy two exemptions and three halves; Approved high-tech enterprises can enjoy two exemptions and eight halves; Recognized key high-tech enterprises can enjoy five exemptions and five halves; For general VAT taxpayers selling software products developed and produced by themselves, after levying VAT at the statutory rate of 17%, the part of their actual VAT tax burden exceeding 3% shall be subject to the policy of immediate levy and refund. The tax refund shall be used by the enterprise for research and development of software products and expansion of reproduction, and shall not be taxed as enterprise taxable income.


5, household: the amount of tax reached a certain level can do a household account, with a household account, free access to Hong Kong

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The registration process is very convenient, can be completed by professional registration, registration fees are low, and registered capital does not need to be paid.