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Ideas and methods of network promotion of new products

2018-05-14 08:00:08

How to do a new product network promotion? Here is a simple introduction for you!


Product network promotion method 1 product science knowledge and word-of-mouth publicity way (1) platform to do the first platform of network promotion, I believe we all know that the ranking of their own products are very high, such as encyclopedia, post bar, know, space and other products.


(2) Blog/forum blog promotion, we can be in the third party blog like some mainstream big station blog: blog, space, blog, and news blog weight is very high, the inclusion effect is very good.


(3) Website


Some mainstream websites will play a very good advertising effect


2. There are four main components of the single page of product sales:


Attention attracts attention, Interest induces interest, Desire stimulates desire, Action induces purchase. (1) Attention: What is this? (2) Interest induce interest: product introduction (3) Desire stimulate desire: enhance customer confidence to buy (4) Action promote purchase: How to buy END

Matters needing attention

Personal summary, only for your reference to learn!