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How to practice good brush characters

2018-04-06 03:12:25

Calligraphy with Chinese brush is a treasure left over from 5000 years in China. Its charm is endless, and many international friends come to China to learn this ancient art. Unfortunately, in contemporary China, most ordinary Chinese are not proficient in calligraphy. As Chinese people, we have the responsibility to carry it forward, so we must be able to write a beautiful hand. However, practicing calligraphy is a gradual process, how should we gradually write good brush characters?


Patient and careful


Study hard and practice often


First of all, to be successful in anything we do, we need to be patient and careful, and practicing Chinese calligraphy is no exception. With patience, we can dive into the heart and devote ourselves wholeheartedly. When we encounter difficulties, we do not escape passively but face them positively. With care, you can find the details of the rules in a thing, so it is often easier to understand the mystery.


Secondly, practicing Chinese calligraphy requires hard work and frequent practice. Only by studying hard can we discover the mystery of calligraphy art and comprehend the essence of calligraphy art. Only by regular practice can we gradually improve our calligraphy level and gradually get better.


Next is to prepare pen and paper, try to choose some good quality pen and paper, easy to practice, write out the word is more beautiful.


Everything is ready, but after the preparation is done, you can begin to practice. At the beginning, it is recommended to study and learn the strokes of Chinese characters first, starting from the basic horizontal, vertical, folding, hook, skimming, and other basic strokes.


After practicing the basic strokes, then study the frame structure of Chinese characters, study the position of each stroke of each Chinese character, memorize the length and thickness, height and height, and find out the law and extend it. Sharpening the knife does not miss the wood worker, on this basis to practice, you can get twice the result with half the effort.


After the training of stroke and frame structure, you can formally practice writing Chinese characters. Generally speaking, we should start from regular script practice, find some ancient and modern famous calligraphy posts to practice, and also buy some calligraphy posts to trace and copy. According to personal preferences, choose Liu style, Yan style or other regular script to practice.


When the regular script is almost practiced, you can begin to practice running the script, according to the method of practicing the regular script. However, it should be noted that after practice, if you feel that you can write well, you can play freely, you do not have to stick to others' writing, and you can become your own family. The point of writing is that you can write how to connect the strokes, do not stick to the strokes, and even change the strokes, as long as it is easy to recognize.


If the regular script is practiced well, then the practice of cursive is a natural thing, become simple, omit the strokes, and connect the words.


With the above practice, in addition to the special seal script, you should be able to practice any other font in the future, and quickly achieve success.

Matters needing attention

Method is important, but the most important method is to study hard and practice persistently


You can buy some books on calligraphy to study, "92 Methods of Interframe structure."


In fact, in our daily life, calligraphy is everywhere, all kinds of signboards, advertising leaflets have, you can memorize the writing of Chinese characters and apply it to your own practice