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How to do if there is no page view

2018-04-06 06:24:30

Now more and more people choose to start a business, then the early stage of the business will certainly encounter all kinds of problems, lack of funds, not enough personnel, the most terrible is that there is no source of people flow how to solve no page views? Next I will teach you


Loss and profit


First open the net, as an Internet product, then we should use the Internet way, the traffic will naturally slowly pour in.


The first way: rebate plus group activity, every time you sell a product, before mailing, put a rebate red envelope into the package, but need to add, this is the first step and then guide the group, every day will be in the group lucky draw, rebate (the price of a product), to attract traffic into your group


Then you can let them do tasks, visit your business, comments and so on, and then rebate red envelopes, which you can set prices according to their own scale, remember that the early will be a loss, but the flow of people naturally good


The second: quality service, the early stage must not save money, all the fastest, and packaging packages to be creative


For example, selling dolls, then the packaging should be very beautiful fairy tales, and you can write some letters, although very cumbersome but very careful


The third: based on the first method, when the number of people in the group reaches a part, you can open the advanced mode, pull friends, each pull into a friend into the group, you can return when you buy something next time, these should be registered, and pay attention not to be cheated by some trumpet, but also for certification. A link can be a link, as long as the number of people enough then the page view will naturally rise