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How to design a simple web page that utilizes css and HTML

2018-05-14 11:12:48

Using software, design a simple home page




Open the software and a page appears, as shown in the picture. Then select HTML, enter the software, the following page appears, as shown in the figure


Then you can start to design the home page, a simple home page, need to have pictures and text, I choose a simple home page to introduce css, as shown in the picture, select pictures and text on the network, change the title to "css introduction", as shown in the picture, and then select the insert at the top of the page, select the image, as shown in the picture, and then two pages will appear, click OK


At this time, you will find that the page is not large enough, the picture can not be fully seen, so we can set the width and height of the picture, as shown in the figure, the height column does not set the number, only the width is set, so that the picture can be scaled down


Then add text, which can be written directly in the design window, as shown in the figure. Then, you can simply edit the text, in the right css style, right click all,, appear, then select "Class", edit "body", then select "for this document only", the page appears, as shown in the picture


Then edit, you can edit the text, size, style, as shown, then, select the text, right click, select "css Style", another selection appears, select "body", the effect will appear, as shown


And then click on one of the ICONS at the top of the page, as shown here, click on it, and you can choose to preview it in your browser, click on it, and it comes up, and select Yes, and you can preview it.


And then there it is, and there it is, a simple home page and there it is

Matters needing attention

When setting the CSS style, pay attention to whether it is "class", "advanced" or "label"