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How to change careers in IT industry, want to change careers in IT should do

2018-05-14 12:48:31

It is easy to change a career, if you have a heart! IT industry as an open industry, and the threshold is low, many friends are eager to try it, but if there is no good judgment and foresight, it is likely to fail. Remember at all times, don't get carried away, let's get down to business.


Understanding yourself and discovering potential interest is what the author has always emphasized, if you simply envy others' high salaries, and ignore your own shortcomings, it is impossible to succeed. All you need to do is to try to read the simple relevant technical documentation, see if it is interesting, at least not tired, and so on some tests, to test whether you have the talent.


Judging the situation, accurate prediction talent is very important, and unique vision can protect you. If you want to change careers, you must have a pair of bright eyes, because you have paid a huge price for this, the choice of career direction is particularly important. I recommend one or two here: virtualization technology, wireless mobile network technology, of course, there are many other professional directions are also very good.


In fact, no matter which direction you choose to pursue, there is a way out, because there is one thing you are very grateful for. If IT practitioners have high technical ability and can have one or two certificates, employers are likely to lower the educational requirements when recruiting. So, if you are determined to do it, don't worry too much and study wholeheartedly.


You want to change the mood of the author can understand, but must be prepared. It's simple. Learn. Many career directions can be through half a year to a year or so to achieve a certain degree of learning, it is best to consider some certificate examinations, or it is necessary, so as to add points to your job search.


Some successful career changers are people with a tenacious heart and a certified attitude, and this kind of thing can't be sloppy. For learning, especially IT, most of them can be completed by self-study, and how to self-study can see the author's other experience.