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How to book tickets online

2018-05-13 20:48:09

Now online shopping has become a trend, because of its convenient and fast characteristics by the majority of people love. This is especially true when buying tickets online. So how to book tickets? Now I'm here to talk about it.


A website where computers can book tickets


Identification card


Step 1: Enter the keywords including "train" in the figure, we can find the train ticket ordering website here. For everyone's ticket safety, it is best to choose a website with an official website.


Step 2: Take the above website as an example to talk about the registration of the website. We open this website on the main page find "Online ticket user registration" as shown and click to enter.


Step 3 Fill in the account information in the open web page, as shown in the figure. The ones with red asterisks are mandatory, but you'd better fill in that one too.


Step 4: Fill in the details of your identity. As shown in the figure. Then click Next to enter the next interface send verification code activation can be used.


This page is based on experience


Step 6: Select your departure point, destination, departure time, etc. on the interface that appears, and then click "Query" to appear the train number you need.


Step 7: After you have selected, click "Booking" as shown in the pop-up dialog box to log in your newly registered account and then pay as prompted.

Matters needing attention

There are many fake ticket sellers on the Internet. We should pay attention to prevent being cheated.