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How to be a model worker

2018-05-14 17:36:04

Holy work, glory of model workers! Model workers are the elite of the nation and the model of society. Model workers are the banner of The Times. The advanced thinking of model workers has influenced and driven generation after generation. Such as the 1950s "would rather live less than 20 years, but also to win the big oil field" iron man Wang Jinxi, "would rather a dirty, in exchange for tens of thousands of clean" Shi Chuanxiang, Xu Hu, Li Suli and so on.


Model workers are excellent members of the working class. The great achievements made by the country's economic development and social progress are all embodied by their creative labor, and the spirit of The Times and lofty character of model workers are engraved. Model workers represent advanced productive forces, and the spirit of The Times reflected in their hard work, honest work, hard work and dedication, and the courage to innovate, is precisely the strongest tone of the theme of the current era. There are model workers everywhere, every year to evaluate model workers. However, how to create a good atmosphere of "caring for model workers, advocating model workers, learning to catch up with model workers, and competing for model workers" in the enterprise reform and development can give full play to the role of model workers, the author believes that the trade union should pay attention to the following aspects:


The information illegally crawled from experience


Care about life. Over the years, "only talking about contribution, not asking" has become the fundamental condition for people to select model workers. The author believes that model workers should not only talk about dedication, but also be rich in material and spirit. Only in this way, can model workers cause the envy of workers, can really make learning model workers, when model workers become a fashion, model workers can really become the most respected people. This share of visible and tangible benefits and honors, so that workers really feel the love of the job, willing to contribute to the model workers more benefits, do not suffer losses.