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How does owning a cat keep your home clean?

2018-04-06 08:00:40

Keeping pets is becoming more and more fashionable, and many people will keep cats as one of their family members. However, the cat carries bacteria, will also cause some health problems to the home, how to keep the home clean and hygienic, and can make the cat healthy growth is very important.

Maintain cat hygiene:

Deworming and prevention: 1) Cats are prone to parasites and need to be dewormed regularly. Deworming is divided into internal deworming and external deworming, corresponding to drugs, specific usage and dosage, please refer to the drug instructions. 2) The cat can wear an insect repellent ring, the effect is more lasting.


Cat washing and care: 1) Cats do not need to bathe too often, 1-2 times a month. The specific number of times, according to their own needs, cat hair oil degree to judge. 2) Comb cat hair frequently to avoid knots and prevent hair removal;


Equipped with cat litter box: The choice of cat litter should avoid choosing dust, and the placement of the cat litter box should be in a ventilated place: a balcony or a bathroom with air circulation, which can reduce odor and facilitate cleaning.


Cat neutering: Cats around the age of half a year, will enter heat, heat cats will howl at night, and will pee anywhere. If it is not for breeding kittens, try to send them to a professional pet hospital and have them spayed or neutered. After surgery, keep the cat's living environment hygienic to prevent infection.


Pay attention to healthy cat diet: try to choose high-quality cat food feeding, which is conducive to keeping the cat healthy, making the hair color smoother and reducing hair removal. If you feed with food, avoid seasonings, oil and salt intake, which will make the cat more likely to shed hair, but also easy to cause cat disease, affecting the family environment and the health of members.

Home cleaning:

Treatment of cat hair: 1) Choose to clean with a vacuum cleaner every day, the vacuum cleaner can suck the light cat hair; 2) The places that can not be cleaned by vacuum cleaner can be cleaned directly after wetting with hands. 3) If conditions can be equipped with an air purifier at home, the filter can absorb cat hair, and the cleaning filter can be replaced regularly.


Household hygiene treatment: hygiene should be cleaned frequently, and the cat litter box should be emptied at least twice a day. Keep the home ventilated, you can put air agent, clean the air. When washing clothes, use clothing disinfectant to disinfect them, and it is best to disinfect the floor once a week.

Matters needing attention

Cats themselves are very clean. Whether to maintain hygiene, or whether the owner is diligent.