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How can we be energetic in the study and life of senior three?

2018-05-15 03:13:00

Miss Yang: Hello! I wish you a happy Teacher's Day! I have entered the senior high school life for one month, and I feel that I have lived a very fulfilling life during this period. Now I begin to find that time is not enough, I also listen to your advice, make a study plan, but I do not know whether my plan time arrangement is not good, it seems not much effect, I really do not know how to arrange time! There is a week of school spirit is very full, but gradually feel tired. (We have classes seven days a week, with only Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon off.) We have only one PE class a week, and we don't do much exercise. How can I avoid being so tired? It's only the beginning of senior year! What to do? Help me, will you? Thank you! -- Troubled Zhizhi Zhizhi classmate: Hello! On the question of the third year study plan, I think we must first complete the homework assigned by the teacher, today's courses have Chinese, mathematics, English, physics, biology five subjects, Chinese need to recite and complete the workbook, we will recite the time to stay in the evening after self-study and get up in the morning later, the workbook is used before and after dinner time to finish; Mathematics is a paper, the amount of questions is relatively large, so we put it in the afternoon study time; English is easy for you, so use the time between classes to finish; Physics and biology work is done in the evening self-study; At the same time, spend 3 to 5 minutes before each class to preview the course content to learn, and strive to digest it in class. The rest of the day (that is, the time from the evening study to bed) we arranged it in the weekly plan, on Monday we arranged math Chinese, on Tuesday we arranged English physics; Chemical biology on Wednesday; On Thursdays, check for gaps, etc., if you don't have enough time, then adjust it to a daily subject, but be specific to review a chapter. I'm sure you can arrange your time. For our senior three students, make full use of time and maximize the utilization of time, which is no doubt for the improvement of academic performance. But there must be a limit, beyond this limit will appear "tired, learning to listen to the teacher" phenomenon, this is the saying "too much is not good, extreme things must be reversed" truth. You may be because of hard reading, do not pay attention to exercise, do not pay attention to rest, fight fatigue, and caused by the brain "read and write protection". As the saying goes: those who do not know how to rest do not know how to study and work. In order to make learning and work tense and rhythmically, to avoid wasting time and energy unnecessarily, we should scientifically control our own time in addition to learning every day, and ensure the necessary sleep, activity, and rest time. 20 minutes of physical activity at lunch every day, 30 minutes of physical activity during extracurricular activities, which can improve the hypoxia state of the brain for a long time to learn, and also eliminate the depression and irritability caused by the lack of interpersonal communication. Secondly, develop an optimistic and open-minded personality. Optimistic people generally feel good about themselves, and tend to maintain vitality, energy, and efficiency, which leads to mental and physical health, happiness, and career success. Third, pay attention to the quality of diet and make good use of nutrition. Drink at least one bag of milk (or yogurt) and eat one egg a day; 50-100 grams of meat, including fish, aquatic products, lean meat, to ensure adequate supply of high-quality protein, so that the cerebral cortex in a better physiological state; Add some black sesame, walnuts, melon seeds, pine seeds, peanuts, almonds, soybeans and other foods to maintain the normal renewal metabolism of brain tissue; Usually should eat more fruits and vegetables and soy products, kelp, laver, especially alkaline food, can achieve the function of anti-fatigue and increase memory. Fourth, we must learn to use our brains rationally, be good at using our brains, and know how to properly adjust learning and rest. There are several ways to combine work and rest with brain science :① to ensure an hour of physical exercise time every day; ② To ensure more than seven hours of sleep a day; (3) Other activities such as living and working should be arranged between the two learning activities; ④ When the learning time is relatively long (more than 90 minutes), it should be arranged to insert review between two courses (preferably arts and science) or insert learning between two ways (reading and solving problems). In food, we all have such an experience, a taste often eaten, then the appetite will become small, once the change of taste appetite will increase. In fact, the activity function of the brain is also the same as "taste" - engaged in a single activity for a long time, the "appetite" of the corresponding activity area of the brain cortex will become smaller, and of course, it will lead to a decline in learning efficiency. If the learning content and learning method are exchanged in a timely manner according to the law of concentration, the tired area of the brain can rest, and the rest area can work, which does not hinder the rest of the tired area of the brain, but also ensures the increase of the brain "appetite", and of course, improves the high-speed operation of learning efficiency. Interleaved review or interleaved learning arrangement has the following two methods: (1) Cross arrangement of different subject review time, Chinese, mathematics, foreign language, biology, physics, chemistry and other courses in accordance with the form of arts and science cross arrangement, do not carry out a course review for a long time; (2) Cross arrangement between different learning forms, alternating arrangement of activities such as memory, problem solving, reading and knowledge sorting. This can greatly improve the efficiency of learning, achieve the effect of twice the result with half the effort. Everyone may be different, to combine their own situation to make corresponding adjustments, remember not to fight fatigue. Fifth, pay attention to mental adjustment. Edison once said, "A man is what he thinks about all day... How could he be any other way?" This means that everything about a person comes from the mind. Everyone's mind is such a magic, you input what information, he will produce what results. If you think of being tired in your heart, then fatigue and laziness will show up on your body; If you think of yourself as "full of life" and "full of power," then you will be energetic, energetic, energetic and powerful. So I say that thoughts create our own character -- that our destiny is entirely determined by our thoughts -- and that if we think of happiness, we will be happy; If we want to be sad, we will be sad; If we think that there are many friends in the future, then we will get support and help in changing the current situation and creating a new life. So learn an important law in success: You are not what you think you are, but you are what you think you are. The above is only some of my opinions and suggestions for your reference, your friend Yang Yonglong wish you progress in your study!