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Flight Simulator 10 Global Landscape Package How to install

2018-01-05 06:24:00

The following is how to install and operate the simulated flight 10 global landscape package brought by Xiaobian. I hope to bring you some help. Thank you for watching.


Engine control instructions: On a multi-engine aircraft, unless you first press E+ engine number (1-4) to select a single engine, your actions will take effect on all engines.


To restore control of all engines, press and hold E, then press all engine numbers in quick succession (E, 1, 2,... And so on), select Engine E+ Engine number (1-4).


Select all engines E+1+2+3+4, automatically start engine CTRL+E, cut off throttle (throttle is throttle) F1, recoil (turbofan/jet) F2 (hold and hold), lower throttle F2 or numeric keypad 3, increase throttle F3 or numeric keypad 9.


Shift command: Shift allows you to quickly move the aircraft to a new position without actually flying. Please use the following command to shift.


Shift mode On/off Y, set to northbound/flat flight attitude CTRL+SPACEBAR(space bar). To add or customize keyboard commands, click the Assign, Assign key or Joystick button in the menu Options, Settings, Controls.


After takeoff, just do a simple five-sided flight of the field. The mission has detailed and clear flight navigation, just refer to flight. The following is a standard carrier-based aircraft five-sided flight process, you can refer to learn.

Matters needing attention

The above is the key to how to operate, if you feel that this experience is helpful to you, please give me a little support. You can also express your views below.


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Play time should not be excessive, it will be harmful to health.