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Death VS Hokage can be transformed into what characters

2018-04-05 14:24:22

Death VS Naruto can be transformed into a complete set of characters.


There are many characters in Grim Reaper VS Naruto who have secondary transformations, and the character's skills become more cool after each transformation. So which characters can transform? Here is a summary for you.


First of all, we must know how to change, change is J+K (must be full of three gas) the two keys at the same time.


The second thing to understand is the state after the transformation, all the roles after the transformation will begin to automatically reduce blood, and the blood amount will not fall to a certain extent.


After the initial Naruto changes into the nine O Naruto (one o state, you can watch the first duel between Naruto and Sasuke after Sasuke rebellion in the anime), Nine O Naruto changes into the dark red Nine O Naruto (four o state, you can refer to Naruto in the anime Naruto fight the snake maru section), and Naruto changes into the Nine O Chakra mode Naruto.


After the initial Ichigo becomes a swastika, after the swastika becomes a dummy Ichigo, and the other is a zero section, and after the swastika becomes a white Ichigo.


After the beginning of Sasuke to become a curse seal Sasuke, a Fei (with soil) after the change is removed the mask, rotten wood white zai change is scattered after the thousand sakura, Nishifanya winter Shillang changed after the big red lotus ice wheel maru Nishifanya winter Shillang, Urchiola changed after becoming the black wing of the sword, rotten wood dew kiya changed after becoming the state of death.