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AG Fishing King very exciting fish species

2018-04-06 04:48:38

Li Kui split fish, defend the Diaoyu Islands, Golden toad fishing and other fishing games are relatively classic, these games are full 3D production of the game scene, a variety of fish posture natural, coupled with colorful scenes, for the player to create a vivid underwater hunting ground. Allow players to enjoy the fun of fishing anytime, anywhere.


Fishing game fish species score value introduction :2 points yellow stickback This fish is yellow, often in groups, less difficult to fight. 2 Small grass carp This fish is green, fast moving but low value. 3 Tropical yellow croaker This fish is yellow, often in groups, the difficulty of fighting is less, you can try a cannon net multiple fish oh. The big eye goldfish is named for its two very large eyes. This fish is timid, usually in groups and likes to move around irregularly. 5 points tropical purple fish body texture like a rainbow of fish, the score is good oh, refueling catch it! 6 points clownfish red and white, bright colors, love to attract attention, this fish scores a lot, the difficulty of the fight is not big, and so it swims in front of you to show off, just hit it hard 7 points pufferfish swimming process will suddenly become larger and slower usually look a bit like a sea urchin. 8 points Lionhead fish A timid creature who runs away when the wind encourages the grass to move. 9 points Lantern fish because of the head of the glowing tentacles named, belongs to the bottom of the precious fish, low incidence, high score. The fish is blue-green, it is said that the tentacles are its key, aiming at the chance to play higher oh.


10 minutes turtle 12 minutes Angelfish This fish is triangular, typical tropical fish characteristics, think is hot halo, swimming super slow, not difficult to hit. 15 butterfly fish play up the difficulty is a little, to refueling to play a lot of guns can oh. 18 points Jingle bell fish head and tail fin long like two bells, high score oh, but must stare at the tail to play effective. 20 minutes swordfish This fish swimming speed is super fast, is the deep sea world of the fierce, very aggressive, the head has sharp horns. In the deep-sea world, the numbers are small and the scores are high. 25 points The devil fish because the body is flat like a bat, the tail is slender, the fish swims quickly, the score content is high, and you will earn big money. The 30 minute Great White shark, also known as the man-eater shark and the white death shark, is a large aggressive shark. Haunt is often like a ghost, but also has the title of "ocean killer", the score is extremely high. 40 points One of the white shark variant fish, all its information is still hidden in the fog "120 points golden frog amphibian, alias" golden toad ". Big size, slow movement, super endurance. The score value is very high oh 300 points golden dragon, as the saying goes: dragon in the sky, tiger on the ground. But the golden dragon of mischief is nothing like to come to the big ocean that is not quiet. 40*200 points blue whale, the largest mammal in the sea, the most exciting fish in the fishing world.


Instead of summarizing the skills of the fishing game, it is better to give the player a detailed introduction to the various fish and scores in the fishing game, because the skills are good, if you do not know the score of the fish, do not use the shells in your hands reasonably, do not do a good plan, it is impossible to get high scores in the game.

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