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Action is not convenient, how to book the station key passenger service?

2018-05-15 01:36:51

In real life, most people will choose to travel by train, and the department also provides "key passenger service" for the injured and injured people with limited mobility, which applies in advance and makes an appointment for the terminal service, so that the injured and injured passengers can enjoy the green channel. If you are near someone who needs this service, you can learn the booking service process.





"Key Passenger Service" can be applied in the 12306app, and the service application can be made by myself or by fellow travelers. Step 1: Open the 12306 software


This page is an illegal climb taken from experience


In "Personal", select "Warm Service"


Then, select the "Key passenger reservation" option, the software will prompt you to "Key passenger reservation service life", read the relevant terms carefully, and then click "Read agreed" to proceed to the next step


Then is the "key passenger reservation" information filling page to fill in the first content is "passenger information", fill in your passenger information in detail, according to the prompts can be filled in


Then, you need to fill in the "service requirements", truthfully fill in the help you need, to facilitate the department to arrange services.


After filling in the information, you can click "Submit". After submitting the key passenger reservation, the service staff of the department will drive you two hours before, please keep it as usual. If you have other questions, you can also call the customer service or ask the staff at the station.

Matters needing attention

Please fill in the condition truthfully, do not lie and conceal, on-site staff have the right to refuse to provide convenient services for passengers who lie.